16.04 Can't login after reboot and gksudo

I had a perfectly working 16.04 desktop image installed with a nice new GTX 1080 running NVIDIA 367. I hadn't rebooted it in a while, like a week+. A graphics problem developed earlier today: some pink tint and everything was sort of shifted from where it was supposed to be. So I rebooted.

And now I cannot login and the login screen implies the NVIDIA driver did not load correctly: the resolution is reduced from where it was before the reboot and the screen flashes after login and returns to the login screen.

Possible related causes:

  • Shortly before this graphics issue I installed tuxboot and created a clonezilla USB image
  • I did a gksudo nautilus because of this question

(after researching this a bit more I see that gksudo is graphical in nature, bummer)

So the driver WAS working correctly. I assume it is something with the driver/NVIDIA because there are so many problems with NVIDIA drivers generally and the resolution was reduced).

NOTE: this was not after an install or upgrade or any change (except perhaps something being run at boot for the first time after being installed since the last reboot).

I can get to a terminal with ctl-alt-f1 but wanted to ask here before I start messing around.

Any thoughts on what could have caused this or how to fix?


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