2005 - Hand me that grindstone!

After a ‘sans-internet’ start to the year, I’ve spent most of the morning catching up.

As the latest ALA article was published just before Christmas, I suspect quite a few people may have missed it in the rush (if you’ve seen it, indulge me) but Daniel Frommelt has come up with a CSS method to allow you to float images between parallel text columns, with the text flowing around it.

This is a very old print layout trick but it actually looks surprisingly fresh in a browser setting IMHO.

On the down-side, the mark-up is just a little convoluted, and from what I’ve seen, it seems like it would be hard to automate the process for a CMS.

2005 - Hand me that grindstone!

Still, this is the first attempt I’ve seen at ‘pull-outs’ like this, so this may not be the ultimate solution. A definite challenge for CSS gurus.

The other kind of.. interesting thing to catch the eye was the launch of
FireFoxIE . The site takes you through the process of making Firefox look and behave almost exactly like IE.

Although at first glance this seems a little like gaffer-taping a housebrick to your nokia to give it that ‘old skool’ look and feel, if you were ever tempted to sneak Firefox on to a computer without ‘spooking the natives’, maybe this will do the trick.


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