3 Big Changes to SitePoint's Blogs

3 Big Changes to SitePoint's Blogs
I was going to title this post something like “Welcome to the New SitePoint Blog Section,” but because you’ve all already been here, and I’m the new guy, I felt like I was just welcoming myself. There is, however, some new newness going on here on the SitePoint Blogs. There are three changes in particular that affect the blogs that just went live today.

1: New Layout

Likely by now you’ve noticed that SitePoint’s main page has undergone a little bit of a face lift. The new design is aimed at bringing you timely content and more of it. Blogs posts are now intermingling with articles in a clean, uncluttered space where good content enjoys the spotlight regardless of where it originated. For more information about the new design and reasons why we think you’ll love it, check out Matt Magain’s intro post.

2: New Focus

All the current SitePoint blogs are still here, but we’re putting an added focus on web tech news and trends. That means daily coverage of the big stories in web tech, along with analysis and opinion about the latest news. Current SitePoint blogs will now be grouped under three main categories: Business, Design, and Tech. A News & Trends category will carry posts about the latest web tech industry news, analysis and trends, as well as reviews of new web applications.

3: New Writer

Just who is this Josh Catone guy, anyway? Some of you may know me from my last gig, as Lead Writer for the excellent web industry news and commentary blog ReadWriteWeb, where I have blogged daily for the past year (if you don’t have RWW in your RSS reader alongside SitePoint’s blogs, you really should). Interested parties can check out my catalog of posts. Others of you may remember me from the SitePoint Forums where I go by the moniker “Bleys” and was a long time Advisor and Team Leader. Many of you may never have heard of me.

Whatever the case may be, I am really psyched to be here at SitePoint. My goal is to bring you top quality blog coverage of the most interesting news and trends in the web tech industry.

If you need to get in touch with me, please email me at [email protected] or follow me on Twitter. If you have any news tips to submit or would like to submit your web app for possible review, please send a note to [email protected], which also goes to Matt Magain, SitePoint’s Managing Editor.

(Yes, that is a picture of me in all of my bearded glory.)


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