4-Layer PCB USB Routing Question

I am currently working on a 4-layer PCB that uses a Cypress PSOC4200 with a USB Full Speed connection. However, I am completely overextended with calculating the impedance and the resulting requirements of the traces.

I am working on a printed circuit board with the following layers:

Layer 1: Top (USB Signals) Layer 2: GND Layer 3: VCC Layer 4: Bottom

I want to layout the D+ / D- Signal Lines in CADSOFT Eagle, however this program does not offer calculation. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have seen the PCB Saturn Software, but I am not sure what to fill in. I am planning to order the PCB from this manufacturer:

http://www.pcb-specification.com (Tag Layer Build ML4)


Is there a specific reason why you want to calculate exact impedances? Does the soc specify you to do so? The data sheet would usually have a reference schematic that you can follow. For most of my USB interfaced peripherals I use 0.254mm traces that are not more than 25mm from the device pins they are connected to. I also put in 24R resistors on each line.

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