5-in-1 Micro USB MHL to HDMI with USB hubs on Galaxy Note 2

I am new here. My name is Kevin.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. (I can't remember whether it is Jelly Bean or KitKat.) I broke the screen by accident and so I went out and purchased a 5-in-1 MHL to HDMI adapter. I have a 1A power supply attached to the adapter via the micro-USB port (the micro-USB cable is shown in white here). The adapter works fine usually. The connection to the LCD TV works perfectly fine via the HDMI cable. Mouse and keyboard connected via the USB hub (shown in green here) are also fine. A Toshiba 32-GB FAT32-formatted USB flash drive connected directly to the MHL-to-HDMI adapter (ie without the USB hub) is also fine. The Samsung pre-installed file manager can read and write to the flash drive perfectly.

The problem starts when I attach the flash drive to the USB hub instead (shown in green here). Note 2 usually cannot recognize the flash drive this way. (But once in a blue moon, it can recognize it; I don't know why.) The Samsung pre-installed file manager usually cannot find the drive. But if I use ES File Manager, the drive can always be found but the access is rather slow. (I think it may have to do with mounting; but i am only guessing.) But even if ES File can access the drive, the pre-installed file manager still cannot access it. As an aside, the keyboard and mouse attached to the USB hub still works even though the flash drive cannot be recognized.

I have tried using a powered USB hub with a 2A power supply. The result is the same. I also tried having the keyboard/mouse attached or detached. Again, the result is the same. The USB flash drive still cannot be recognized by the pre-installed file manager.

Maybe there's some setting I need to change in Android?

Thanks in advance!!!

5-in-1 Micro USB MHL to HDMI with USB hubs on Galaxy Note 2


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