7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time

7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time
Keeping track of time spent on client work can be difficult, especially if you have multiple projects going on at one time. And if you’re like me, moving from project to project throughout the course of the day, it’s virtually impossible unless you have a system in place.

Even if you’re not billing per hour on a project, it can be invaluable to track your time. Knowing how long everything takes you:

  • Makes your estimates more accurate
  • Allows you to have a consistent way to track the time of subcontractors or employees
  • Provides a documented accounting of your time should you ever need it
  • Helps you improve your personal productivity

Here are seven time tracking tools to help you manage your time more effectively:

7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time
1. Time Tracker
This is a fairly simple but very functional timer. You can create multiple projects and have multiple tasks for each project. It’s easy to use with the punch-in and punch-out feature, and it’s free. For Mac OS X 10.4+.

2. Easy Time Tracking
Easy Time Tracking is a very robust application that offers time tracking and a lot more. It has the ability to generate invoices, manage multiple projects and tasks, and create reports. It also supports multiple users with access to the same accounts.

7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time
3. Bill4Time
Bill4Time is a web-based tool that incorporates billing, project management and even integrates with your accounting software. It provides mobile access and a desktop widget so you can track your time wherever you are.

4. TraxTime
This Windows-based time tracker offers multi-project management, custom reports and the ability to add a memo to each time entry. You can also customize a number of options including billing codes, military time and time increments.

7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time
5. Harvest
Harvest creates a workflow that manages your time, logs expenses, and creates invoices. It’s web-based and free for one user and up to three projects.

6. DOVICO Timesheet
Created mainly for managing employee timesheets and expenses, this web-based application integrates with a few project management tools and can also be installed on your own server.

7 Time Tracking Tools To Help You Manage Your Time
7. Fanurio
This time tracking and billing application was developed for freelancers. It’s a multi-platform desktop app that also produces a number of reports so you can analyze your time across the board.

Many project management and accounting applications also have built-in timers, so you may want to see what you already have and start there. There are also other free tools available and many of the paid applications provide a free trial so you can test them out before making a purchase. So give a few a try and see what fits your workflow the best.


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