A Call for Great Websites

Polvero asked a question that, in the spirit of not-enough-caffeine (which some might call “laziness”), I thought would be best answered by all y’all: Do you have a list of personal favorites of websites that practice good design and usability hand-in-hand?

Part of why this question was overwhelming for me was thinking about how to define “usable.” If a web site strictly follows all the latest XHTML/CSS/etc. specs and recommendations, does that automatically make it “usable”? Not quite, in my opinion; you’d also want to take into account the actual interface design (i.e., if navigation is well-structured and easy to find, if the eyes are drawn to the places of most focus as intended….). Plus, there are so many things to consider (both within and without w3c specs)… file sizes of images/flash movies, technologies used, font size, colors….

So I guess what we’re looking for here is a list of “nearly perfect web sites.” Anyone want to contribute one that you think qualifies, and why?

One that I like: diveintomark.org. First, impressively clean HTML. Second, I like the clean, easy to navigate design.


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