A client tells me about why he has rejected a bunch of web designers/developers

An enterpreneur contacted me by phone today. He has a terrific, proprietary and exclusive product with lots of market potential that he wants to sell via the Internet.

He explained that he had talked to a bunch of web designers — at all price ranges — and refused to work with any of them. None of them could provide a cogent point of view about how to design sites that converted visitors to customers — besides the usual talk about professional-looking designs.

Listen closely, as I’ve repeated this message too many times: You have a wonderful opportunity to dominate your market by providing a full, complete online ecommerce solution to your clients. This includes having a solution, and being able to describe it, in plain English that includes:

– How to attract people to the site in honest, proven ways (SEO that isn’t the usual rip off service at over $900 per month)
– Tested navigation flows that convert visitors to customers
– Proven marketing copy and materials that are compelling
– Tracking tools to test, refine, and expand what works
– Partnerships with top ecommerce companies
– Documented methodology for generating sales on the web — backed up with actual case studies and results.

Not all of you design/develop this kind of site. But for those of you who do, the opportunity remains…even after a decade of online sales for single products.


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