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Hey everybody! My name is Ian Muir, and I’m a new blogger here at SitePoint, so I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself and let you all know what to expect.

During the day, I’m a mild-mannered web applications developer for a news clipping service. At night, I do a variety of freelance projects and direct client work. My development work is generally in ASP.NET or PHP with frequent forays into ColdFusion. I also consider myself somewhat of a standards evangelist.

Like many web professionals, most of my work rides along the fuzzy line between development and design. When working alone or in a small team, I find it important to have a variety of skills. One day I’m writing data access classes in .NET; the next day I’m trying to get a CSS layout to work in IE6.

My focus on this blog will be very much like my work focus. I’ll be blogging about topics for those of us that do a combination of design and development and some topics to help developers and designers see eye to eye on some of the trickier aspects of building web applications.

Stay tuned; I hope you like what you read here.


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