Access VMware guest web development environment from smartphone

I am on a Windows machine (W) running VMware player with an Ubuntu virtual machine (V).

On the virtual machine, I am developing a web application, and the dev version is running at How would I get access to the server from my smartphone (S)?

I am on a company network, so the W machine and the S is not on the same subnet and they cannot ping eachother.

My only idea is to introduce a third machine (C) - which everyone can access - and tunnel traffic through SSH somehow

  • V opens a tunnel connection to C
  • C is configured to forward traffic on port 8000 through the tunnel connection to V
  • Request is sent from S to C on port 8000
  • C forwards the request through the tunnel to V
  • V responds

This does, however, seem needlessly complex, AND more importantly, the request from S to C is not secured, which the company will probably not appreciate.

So any other ideas?


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