Accessing internal websites through VPN on iPad using SSO

We are having an iOS issue with users trying to access our internal websites through a VPN connection.

We use SSO to access these sites and everything works for a Windows user as the Domain is Windows-based.

However, when iPad users access sites through a VPN (when they are offsite) they are prompted with a login box. As you can imagine this makes a few of them angry.

We are trying to figure out the best way to remove the need to ask for login details once the iOS user has connected using VPN.

So, my question is, can this be done by configuring the IIS server to use VPN details to help solve this problem?


You can't, as they are not domain joined. (as iis send the current logged on credential to the remote site, thus it fail and ask a login)

A workaround would be to invest to use a broker (xenapp or rdp) to publish the website link. As after the first connection you can allow in the local client in the ipad to save the credential used after the first login. Be aware if the password change the user need to resave the new credential anyhow. (or do like EEAA told, use a surface tablet)

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