add a menu item in buddypress [on hold]

i want add a new link (link of a specific post-page)on the buddypress menu, i have already found a code like this :

add_action( 'bp_member_options_nav', 'buddydev_add_profile_extra_custom_links' );  function buddydev_add_profile_extra_custom_links() {     ?> <li><a href="">Google</a></li>   <?php  } 

it work fine , but have some restriction, It is always visible both for those registered users that are not registered, it is also visible both to the owner (author) of the profile and also to other users.

I would like something with the same conditions of the function: bp_core_new_nav_item()

where you can restrict the page only for author with show_for_displayed_user

and other restriction.

now if use bp_core_new_nav_item() i have a code like this:

add_action('bp_setup_nav', 'bp_profile_new_link', 301 ); function bp_profile_new_link() { global $bp; bp_core_new_nav_item(     array(         'name' => 'test',         'slug' => 'testslug',          'position' => 12,          'default_subnav_slug' => 'published',         'screen_function' => 'link_callback',         'show_for_displayed_user' => false,       ) ); }   function link_callback(){     /* code for point to specific page */ } 

now where is the best solution on this point for point to a specific page ? redirect ? native function of buddypress or other ?


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