Add a role and give admin priviledges

I am creating a Super Admin role in wordpress Roles.

$capabilities=array(); add_role('Administrator', 'Administrator', $capabilities );  add_role('Super Admin', 'Super Admin', $capabilities) );  

So while adding a new user I got the Role Option Super Admin. So I added a Super User .

Now When I login to wp-admin It gives me error saying:

you do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

What more I have to do to make it work. I dont want to use any pluggin.

I tried this too

add_role('Super Admin', 'Super Admin',  array("manage_network","manage_sites","manage_network_users", "manage_network_plugins","manage_network_themes","manage_network_options", "read") );  


  add_role('Super Admin', 'Super Admin', array("manage_network"=>true,"manage_sites"=>true, "manage_network_users"=>true,"manage_network_plugins"=>true, "manage_network_themes"=>true,"manage_network_options"=>true,"read"=>true) ); 

I want this user to access all stuff in wp-admin panel


Check below threads. Hope this will help you.

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