Add response code in json

I have a php script that gives response in json for my android applicaiton.

The json :

{"0":"1","id":"1","1":"mahmudul hasan","name":"mahmudul hasan","2":"364","roll":"364","3":"sohel","qrcode":"sohel"} 

But i also want to get status with the resonse like below :

 {   "0": "1",   "1": "mahmudul hasan",   "2": "364",   "3": "sohel",   "id": "1",   "name": "mahmudul hasan",   "roll": "364",   "qrcode": "sohel",   **"success": true**  } 

My PHP coed for json response :

    foreach ($data as $item)     {         if($item!=NULL)         {             echo json_encode($item);          }         else         {             echo json_encode($item);                     }     } 

How should i add the response status ?


try something Like this

 foreach ($data as $item)
            $item['status'] = true;
            echo json_encode($item);
            $item['status'] = true;
            echo json_encode($item);

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