adduser userdel uid not incrementing causing unexpected file ownership

I'm a little surprised at the following output

[[email protected] ~]# adduser a [[email protected] ~]# id a uid=507(a) gid=507(a) groups=507(a) [[email protected] ~]# su a [[email protected] root]$ echo 1 > /tmp/a [[email protected] ~]# chmod 0700 /tmp/a [[email protected] root]$ exit exit [[email protected] ~]# userdel a [[email protected] ~]# adduser b [[email protected] ~]# id b uid=507(b) gid=507(b) groups=507(b) [[email protected] ~]# su b [[email protected] root]$ cat /tmp/a 1 

Why is the uid resused? User b now owns all the files that user a had created before it was deleted. This was very unexpected. Why does it behave like this?

The uid increments if I don't delete the user before creating a new one. But, I think it should increment in the above scenario too.


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