Adobe Illustrator/inDesign/PS keyboard shortcuts to set selected swatch colour to White (or Black)

In doing design work I find I very regularly use the colours black and white specifically.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to set the current selected swatch colour to White? and is there a similar one to set it to Black?

If not maybe is there a way I can have some favourite swatch colours and select them with a keyboard shortcut?

NB. I've stated Adobe Illustrator to keep the question specific, but I'm actually hopeful there is an option that I could use across the Adobe suite.


Photoshop and Illustrator will all go to default white and black on pressing D. You can then switch them using Shift+X. InDesign works a bit differently as it doesn't use white:

  • In Photoshop, your foreground colour will become white, and background colour will become black.
  • In Illustrator, fill will become white, stroke black;
  • In InDesign, fill will become none and stroke will become black.
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