After Effects Problem: Unable to create drawing surface & music is not being transported on another compostion

If you still don't get the title, for some reason when i got After Effects CS4 on my 32 bit computer, everything was working fine. Then for some reason when i put (now) music into my music composition and i play the music (or render preview), it says "Unable to create drawing surface"! But that's not the only thing. When i go to the other composition where i put my music composition, i press on "l" twice, it show no wave form but when i go back to the original music (in the music composition) and i press "l" twice, it shows! Even when i press on preview, there is no music happening! I don't know if it has to do with the Key-frame Assistant on the audio in the music composition when i converted the original music into it! Is there any answers to this and if there is thanks!

P.S. I did search online for help but the only suggestion was to disable or turn off OpenGL but i'm not sure if i have and if i do have it, i don't know how to turn it off! Just wanted to point that out!


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