Allow pfSense to route from WAN to LAN

I have a pfSense instance with two network interfaces set up between a LAN and WAN: (WAN) <-> ( pfSense ( <-> 

For simplicity, I have allowed all traffic in the filtering rules.

This works fine and a machine on the LAN with pfSense ( as the gateway can connect to hosts on the WAN:

<> $ ping 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=51 time=11.753 ms 

However, a machine on the WAN with pfSense (now as the gateway can not connect to hosts on the LAN:

<> $ ping *timeout* 

The firewall rules allow all traffic in both directions.

tcpdump shows that the packets arrive on the WAN interface correctly but are never sent on the LAN interface.

Is there a function of pfSense that prohibits routing from WAN to LAN? What must be done to allow machines in WAN to route to LAN.

I am aware of the security implications. This is a simplified example.


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