An Error Was Encountered Non-existent class: Facebook using codeigniter 3

Hi i have this 'facebook-php-sdk-v4-5.0.0' downloaded file from facebook developers site. I already created a app in and have already a API and Secret key. I already extracted the 'facebook-php-sdk-v4-5.0.0' to the application/libraries folders and and inside the folder facebook-php-sdk-v4-5.0.0/src/Facebook i moved the Facebook folder into application/libraries/Facebook. Now in my login controller i loaded the facebook library into this one

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');  class Login extends CI_Controller {      public function __construct(){         parent::__construct();         $this->load->library('facebook');         $this->fb = $this->facebook;     } 


this is what i get and error

An Error Was Encountered  Non-existent class: Facebook 

Can someone help me figured this thing out? Any help is muchly appreciated. TIA


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