An important article about influence skills and strategies!

Please read the above article when you can. It’s a fairly in-depth tutorial on influence strategies and skills.

And please post your more challenging influence situations to this blog or to the article comments section. We can use your case studies and questions to go into more depth on this topic.

When I first learned about influence, I thought I was pretty influential. Then I took an assessment, and participated in some role playing, and found out that I has far less impact on other people than I wanted.

Many IT professionals are like me — not knowing what you don’t know, and arrogantly assuming you are good at something when you are not.

Influence skills is one area where you DON’T want to be in that position. It is not hard to get more influential, and will reap enormous benefits in terms of increased sales, a more powerful group of colleagues, and general satisfaction with what you are achieving in life.

All it requires is a willingness to take a cold, hard look at the impact you have on others (or don’t), and then some simple steps to get better.

I look forward to learning about your impressions of the article…


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