An important lesson from Donald Trump

Personally, I can’t stand Donald Trump. His values are the opposite of many of mine. He is unfaithful in relationships, relishes fame, and seems to be a sad character in his ongoing craving for ego gratification. He is supposed to be an engaging guy in person, but I’ve never met him and so have no idea.

I saw him on the cover of People magazine this week with his new baby (not the young woman sitting next to him, but the infant in her arms!).

Anyway, he is financially successful and we can learn something from some of his tactics. The one tactic that I think is EXTREMELY applicable to Sitepoint readers (who are often in their 20s, like he was when he started) is something he did when first starting out:

He joined a few exclusive clubs where wealthy and influential people hang out. Maybe his father pulled some strings to get him in, but odds are good he used his own persuasion to join.

And then he kept going, and kept meeting important contacts.

There are all sorts of clubs in your area. Chambers of Commerce are one such club, although to meet the real movers and shakers you need to join a board or important committee and really take on a leadership role. Join your local Alumni association or University club. Visit investor seminars. Get on the board of an important non-profit.

Anyone tried this with success?


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