An Overview: How Every Web Professional Should Think About Marketing and Sales

A number of you have emailed to inquire about my overall approach to and philosophy about marketing.

That will take more room than the scope of this blog. However, the following link will get you to a PowerPoint presentation and Tele-seminar that I recently posted on my web site that gives such an overview. The link that follows takes you straight through to the presentation and tele-seminar, so that you don’t have to register. That way, you get information and no promotion by me, and there is as little conflict of interest as possible. The presentation is a good example of an informational presentation, in that it informs without pitching products or services.

As an aside, tele-seminars are a great marketing vehicle. If you have a decent prospect list or newsletter list, you can offer a tele-seminar to the people on your list. Sites like or offer free or low cost lines, and record calls. The tele-seminar link you see cost me $25 to record and $50 for my web designer to post. So, for $75, I reach a ton of people who hear my voice and style — while I do other things. That’s the kind of marketing we all need to do more of!



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