android 4.4r1 in grub

i have a pc with a win7, and a ubuntu, i recently installer android, but because the win7 second partition, there was already 3(+1 extended) partition, so i only could install the android within the extended partition, and only on a logical partition, and my problem is, that the android isn't showing up in the grub, i tried to use the android's grub, but that doesn't show the linux. i tried a custom script in the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file, but it doesn't do anything. i mean the /boot/grub/grub.cfg automaticly add the custom scripts to itself in a normal case, but now its don't, so if somebody can, wrote me what to do.
custom script (whats in the 40_custom file):

exec tail -n +3 $0
#This file provides an easy way to add custom menu entries. Simply type the
# menu entries you want to add after this comment. Be careful not to change
# the 'exec tail' line above.
set root='(hd0,6)'
linux /android-4.4-r1/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/android-4.4-r1 initrd /android-4.4-r1/initrd.img

also my android version is android 4.4 r1 (not rc1)


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