Android app to record audio/video without showing on screen

I'm looking for an Android app that can:

  • Record video and audio
  • When it's running it doesn't show the actual app on the screen. It is OK if it shows an icon in the notification bar, however.
  • Compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • If on Google Play, has decent reviews
  • Can run in background (e.g. if some other app is running, it doesn't stop running/recording)
  • It is OK if the app requires either root or Xposed

Desired features:

  • Ideally, free as in beer, or cheap(ish), under $10.
  • Autofocus
  • Is smart enough to stop recording if memory capacity is low and no space left to save more video
  • Can have configurable quality of video being recorded, to trade quality for lower space used.
  • An extra cool feature would be to record video in chunks and be able to transfer past chunks over network (ftp/etc....) automatically to free up more space.


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