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I am trying to build an android app that depends on a database but it needs to be accessable to multiple devices (i am proposing the following plan to keep from a mess, that would be if i try to make a local database and try syncing it), so my question is, If I use a web hosted mysql database to connect using php and retrieve the data every time. would that consume too much time. My app needs data from two main tables which one is inventory, that'll have maximum of 300 items and each item will have six - ten attributes. and second table of transactions, which will be ever growing. but the transactions table could be setup to be accessed only when needed rather than loading that data on app startup. So basically my question is if i load a table with about 200-300 entries each time the app is launch, is that an efficient way of loading and adding data. because I've searched up syncing a database online, and it seems like hell.


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