Answer to case study: How to answer a classic objection to value pricing

This blog answers a question posed yesterday:

How does a world-renowned consultant handle a common objection to value-based pricing?

In his case, as you may recall, he charges $100,000 for 6 days of work over a year (proving once again that capitalism is an amazing system).

Sometimes prospects say, “Hey, isn’t $100,000 a lot to pay for only a few hours every month?”

Most of you who posted the responses were correct that the way to approach this is by focusing on value. However, his response is a bit more elegant, and worth remembering:

“Well, I’m happy to spend as much time as you want to get the result, but aren’t you busy with other things to do? Wouldn’t you rather get the result using as little of your time as possible?”

I love that answer! Please file it under your “how to handle objections” file….


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