apex:inputcheckbox "selected" attribute not working inside repeat tag

The "selected" attribute can be used to define if a checkbox should be checked by default when it is displayed on a Visualforce Page.

This works correctly when defined in a simple single apex:inputcheckbox tag in a form, but when this tag is present inside a repeat tag, the selected attribute has no affect. See the following example code:

<apex:form>       Single Checkbox:<br/>   <apex:inputCheckbox selected="true"/>        <br/><br/>Repeated Checkbox:<br/>   <apex:repeat value="{!availableProducts}" var="myVar">       <apex:inputCheckbox selected="true"/>   </apex:repeat> </apex:form> 

Here is the resulting output when I load the page:

apex:inputcheckbox "selected" attribute not working inside repeat tag

As you can see, the repeated checkbox doesn't get automatically selected. When inspecting the html, I see that the "checked" value doesn't get set in these repeated checkboxes like it does with the singular version. Am I missing something in terms of correct usage, or is this a problem with the attribute?


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