AppData\Local\Microsoft folders for sharepoint users

I found below path in a sharepoint 2010 web front end servers what is this useful if i delete this folder any impact on sharepoint farm or sharepoint web applications?

C:\Users\spadmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft Folders:

AppData\Local\Microsoft folders for sharepoint users


Deleting Microsoft folder does not effect on SharePoint farm and web application. directly ,but It's not recommended to delete this folder because it will remove and may be crush all user profile Microsoft program settings.

Note : these settings is not related to SharePoint settings like SharePoint permission.

If you need to delete this folder because it has a big size , so you should leave the main folders then delete its unwanted files not the main folder.

Also, you should check The sample of user settings that stored at Microsoft Folder like

  • Program settings like Visual Studio and TFS ...etc.
  • IE temporary files are stored under temporary internet files under Windows folder.
  • History of Windows Activities.
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