Arcgis Editing toolbar only works for Edit.Vertices and does not allow move, scale or rotation

Within my code I have a button that will allow the user to select a feature. Once this feature is selected a method fires and the editing can be carried out on that feature.

The code that is contained within this method is the following:

            tool = tool | Edit.MOVE;                        tool = tool | Edit.EDIT_VERTICES;             tool = tool | Edit.SCALE;             tool = tool | Edit.ROTATE;              //The different options available for the selected feature             var options = {                 allowAddVertices: true,                 allowDeleteVertices: true,                 allowRotation: true,                 uniformScaling: true             };              //Activating the toolbar             editToolbar.activate(tool, modifiedFeatureList[0], options); 

I have confirmed that the correct graphic is being used and that the toolbar has already been initialized. Also within the toolbar the boxline symbole is defined, however upon activation the ability to move, create and delete the vertices is made available however I am unable to move, rotate or scale the graphic, the dottet box that should show around the graphic does not even display. Any ideas as to why this might be happenning?


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