Are you riding the right horse?

In his book The Power of Simplicity, marketing guru Jack Trout challenges you to ride the right horse. Too many people want to build their own horse, when they can be even more successful (and take less risk) riding somebody else’s.

What does this mean in practical terms?

1. Find a great, growing company. In 1987, my college roommate figured out that it made sense to move to Seattle and work for a company called Microsoft. He’s still there. He picked a great horse.

2. Find a smart leader and follow him or her around. I have spent the last couple of years making lots of money and having fun supporting a seasoned investment banker. He’s a good horse.

3. Find a booming industry.

4. Get more educated.

5. Get linked into a connected crowd. (See two blogs ago, about flow).

If you are not riding a good horse, or if your horse breaks a leg, get off it and find another.

I sense from almost a year of your posts that many of you are trying to make it on your own horse, and not succeeding. You might consider benefitting from riding somebody else’s horse. Others complain about your business partners or company; again, get another horse to ride.


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