Are you taking care of yourself?

The recent discussion about weight loss got me thinking about selling, working with clients, and general vitality/energy.

I had been feeling lethargic lately, so I worked out with a boxing fitness trainer this morning. What a workout! After the 90 minutes of drive plus workout time, I felt great. Indeed, I got more done the rest of the day than normal. I was much more productive. And when I interacted with people I was more alert, on the ball, and enthusiastic.

Good eating can have the same effect for me. If I eat a big meatball sub (my favorite), I generally feel like a nap in the afternoon. But if I keep the portions smaller and a bit healthier, the afternoon is no problem.

It may sound obvious, but many of us (like me) live a bit unconsciously when it comes to taking care of ourselves. And that can lead to problems taking care of others.

What about you? Are you taking care of yourself?


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