Asynchronous programming using async/await

I am having a tough time understanding async / await. Lets say I have a class A and class B .Class A returns a ActionResult from wcf service method .Before that it calls a async method from another class using await . Does this mean that await obj.method(param1) will be running aysnchronously and without waiting for the completion of its execution, wcfservice method will execute ? or does it wait until it gets completed? . I wanted that somemethod() should continue its execution without waiting for the result of the method in classB. How will I be able to achieve this?

public async classA { public IHttpActionResult  somemethod{ classB obj  = new classB(); await obj.method(param1); returnok(somewcfservice.method()); }}  public classB{ public async Task method(param) { obj.somebuiltinmethod(param) } 


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