Attending Drupalcon 2008 - Szeged, Hungary

Attending Drupalcon 2008 - Szeged, Hungary
Well, I had intended to title this “On my way to…” but my travel has taken longer and my net access has been shorter than I had anticipated. Anyway, I find myself now in the lovely town of Szeged Hungary. Szeged is a small, attractive little town with tree-lined streets that has been converted to Drupaltown. There are over 500 Drupal devoted in attendance with what looks like a great line up of sessions and BoFs.

Attending Drupalcon 2008 - Szeged, Hungary

I find myself here to track what is the current state of the art in Drupal land. I have been using Drupal extensively for a number of community based and science publishing systems and have been very happy with the results. So I am keen to learn what else I can add to my toolkit — after all, Drupal has something like a billion contributed modules and I have only gone through a hundred or so ;)

The other key reason I am here is to see the uptake of Semantic Web technologies inside of Drupal. There are a few sessions directly addressing semantic tech, but I wanted to have the fireside chats with the core Drupal folk and see what is out there. Yesterday I was heartened to hear in a keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf (inventor of PHP) that the Semantic Web is near and dear to his heart and that of Yahoo. I will write more on that later…

Okay, so that is enough lead up. I plan on getting a good nights rest (yeah right) and kick into full gear tomorrow. Over the last three days I have had about 3 hours of sleep per night so I am cutting this post a bit short.


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