Automating web projects start in mac

I would like to know if there is any way of automating my workflow when creating websites.

I know that there were apps that did this, but I can't find them anymore(envato's builder).

What I do when starting a new web design project is always the same, I download the latest version of HTML5 Boilerplate or bootstrap, copy it to a folder, then I change a bit the structure of the folders and copy some pre written js.

I currently use OSX El capitan. Thank ahead!


Grunt is very helpful to automate repetitive tasks. But there are lots of alternatives, like e. g. Brunch or Gulp.

Grunt, for example, can do things like linting (error checking), unit testing, minifying JavaScript and CSS, compiling CSS preprocessor files (LESS, SASS) and much more.

Maybe you should look out for a package manager like Bower, too. It will help you to keep the dependencies of your project up to date.

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