Automation: how to send the subscriber's data to one admin email?

For Instance, I have a Data Extension called "DataExtensionName" with the sample data below. And I want to send the exact 3 email messages (with the particular data: email/content in the message) to an admin email address: [email protected] and not to the subscribers' email address.

|             email |  content | |-------------------|----------| | [email protected] | content1 | | [email protected] | content2 | | [email protected] | content3 | 

Expected output: [email protected] should receive 3 email messages (intended to 3 subscribers) in inbox:

1st email message: [email protected] content1 2nd email message: [email protected] content2 3rd email message: [email protected] content3

It won't matter where the email message comes from, as long as [email protected] will receive it. It won't matter as well if the subscribers would receive it or not, as long as [email protected] will receive it (similar to CC or BCC).

Is there a way for this via automation (daily)? I know there is a way via Guided Send where somewhere in the 4th step, there is this "Testing Options" > "Send all emails to:" textbox where you can place an email address as recipient to email messages of say 3 subscribers.

Any shared ideas are highly appreciated. C",)


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