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Let’s get your advice on a classic example of low pricing self-esteem.

I’m working with a guy who has a masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, extensive software development experience, extensive off shore experience, and holds a couple of patents. He is brilliant at technology and development.

And he proves my point that the most qualified developer is not always the most highly paid.

Without giving away his rates, let’s just say that he asks clients for at least 50% less than his market rate, and has not filled his practice with high-paying clients.

I’ve been doing this blog for almost 2 years now. If you have read my stuff in this blog or elsewhere, you know what he has to do to earn the high rates and fill his practice with desirable clients. Let’s assume you were coaching him. What questions would you ask? What are your hypotheses about why he is not earning up to his potential? What advice would you offer?

I want to cure this problem of low pricing self-esteem in the technology world, and would be grateful for your unique perspective!

Don’t worry whether I am getting more lazy than usual; next blog I’ll provide a synthesis of your advice and any ideas that your posts may have missed.


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