Backup creates basically empty file

I am very tired of all the Samsung bloatware imposed on me so I am trying to back up my data prior to rooting the phone and cleaning it up.

There are numerous claims on the internet that this is done using this adb command:

adb backup -apk -shared -all -system -f myBackupAndroid.ab 

Some also suggested adding backslashes before spaces after the backup. That didn't affect my results, which is (basically) empty file:

Backup creates basically empty file

This is pretty nasty trap set on anyone who doesn't double check the status of the backup, before doing something like factory reset.

Unless this is intended by android developpers, what did I do wrong? How to get actual backup of android data? I am using android 4.1.2 on Samsung GT-S7710 - which is Galaxy XCover 2 as I found by googling (they are too shy to mention product name in their OS release).


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