Backup hard drive being read as a media player

I've recently changed to fibre broadband using a Huawei HG633 router supplied by my ISP. I had an external hard drive connected to my old router by USB for backups so connected it to the new router, also by USB, assuming I could do the same. The old Win XP Laptop that I still use for odd things accesses the backup drive OK but my own desktop (ethernet) and my wife's laptop (wi-Fi), both of which run Win 10, apparently only see it as a media player and I can only access the media files (music, photos and video) but nothing else appears in the explorer window. I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone can give. Thank you


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    I recently formatted a hard drive as ext3 to get it to mount in CentOS 5. Now it automatically mounts when I connect it to the USB port, and mounts to /media/disk, but i am not able to write to it. here is the output of my mount command: /dev/mapper/

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