Baking 0603 Components

I have a few 0603 LEDs that come with the instruction to bake them if they had the chance to draw moisture. What is the best way to do that?

  1. Can I leave them in the tape, so I don't lose the orientation?
  2. Alternatively, can I just run the entire board through a cycle with 24h at 50 degrees, followed by the normal reflow process?


The reason to bake them is so they are not damaged during the solder reflow process. Running them through the oven after mounting them on the board would defeat the purpose.

If you are hand soldering, don't worry about baking them. They are not particularly more likely to be damaged due to moisture ingress than they would be due to the simple uncontrolled nature of hand soldering.

If you are reflowing then I would expect you can bake them in their tapes. Generally I've only heard of prebaking being done at professional assembly shops. At which the process of de-taping them and then re-taping them would be more expensive than simply discarding the parts and buying new ones.

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