-bash: screen: command not found [on hold]

I am working on a cluster. There are different computation nodes. However, I found there is one node on which when I run screen, it will pop up errors

-bash: screen: command not found

I am sure there is /usr/bin/screen, anyway, other nodes has no such problem, and the file system are the same.

When I run which screen, it will say

/usr/bin/which: no screen in (/fs00/software/intel/ps2016u2/advisor_xe_2016.1.30.450722/bin64:/fs00/software/intel/ps2016u2/vtune_amplifier_xe_2016.2.0.444464/bin64:/fs00/software/intel/ps2016u2/inspector_xe_2016.1.2.450824/bin64:/fs00/software/intel/ps2016u2//itac/

What is wrong? How to make screen work on this node?


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