Batch Apex - Optimise Nested Loops

I have the following code:

global class ProcessLinkBetweenWorlds implements Database.Batchable<sObject>, Database.Stateful {      global Integer recordsProcessed = 0;     global List<Match_Holder__c> matchList = new List<Match_Holder__c>();     global List<Case> caselist = ProcessLinkCases.listCase();     Set<String> caseConcat = new Set<String>();      global Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext bc) {         for (Case c : caselist){             caseConcat.add(c.Concat_ID__c);         }           return Database.getQueryLocator(                    'Select PersonContactId,concat_ID__c,PersonEmail, Name from Account ' +             'where PersonEmail != Null And IsPersonAccount = True And Is_Master_Record__c = True ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC  '                            );         }      global void execute(Database.BatchableContext bc, List<Account> scope){         for(Account a : scope) {              for(Case c : caseList ) {                  if(c.Concat_Id__c == a.Concat_Id__c) {                     Match_Holder__c match = new Match_Holder__c();                     match.Name = 'Match!: ' + a.Id + ' | ' + c.Id;                     matchList.add(match);                 }             }         }         upsert matchList;     }          global void finish(Database.BatchableContext bc){         System.Debug('Match list size: ' + matchList.size());     }     } 

I'm trying to optimize this Batch Apex class, it currently runs on 700,000+ records so any gain I can get would be beneficial.

I can't think of another way to check if the fields on the two objects match without the nested for loops for account scope and case list. Is there any way I can gain some speed and maybe get my goverenor limit usage reduced?


So you can do like this

map<Id, Account> mapConcatIdToAccount = new map<Id, Account>();
// first create a map with Concat Id to Account record
for(Account a : scope)
    if(a.Concat_Id__c != null)
        mapConcatIdToAccount.put(a.Concat_Id__c, a);

// now based on concat ids query case records and create Match_Holder__c
for(Case objCase: [SELECT Id, Concat_Id__c FROM Case WHERE Concat_Id__c IN: mapConcatIdToAccount.keyset()])
    Match_Holder__c match = new Match_Holder__c();
    match.Name = 'Match!: ' + mapConcatIdToAccount.get(objCase.Concat_Id__c ).Id + ' | ' + objCase.Id;

upsert matchList;

This way you can get only those contacts which are in related to Accounts which are in currently in execute methods.

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