Beautiful Iterative Art

As i’ve always followed closely the work of Jared over at , I was pleased that he was releasing some of his computer generated art as a series of limited edition prints. Printed on fine quality acid-free watercolor paper and with good quality ink, I ordered a 19″x13″ copy of the Tree Garden I print and received it yesterday. It’s a wonderful piece of work and goes to show that Flash / Processing generated art can be considered alongside conventional art mediums for pleasing aesthetics and compositional quality.

There are 10 limited edition prints (final run of 42 each) that are available and they are well worth a look even if just to see more of Jared’s work in a differnet environment.

Also, if you’ve never stumbled across Jared’s caustic painting images using laser light photography, then click here ; the imagery created by this technique is truly stunning.


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