Beyond results: Are you making an impact

Every entrepreneur knows that it’s important to make an impact by getting specific, meaningful results and benefits for clients/employers.

Here are 2 more tests:

1. Are you working on the 20% of tasks that get your clients/employer 80% of enterprise results? Too many consultants and employees end up in the tedious, unimportant work covering the 80% of tasks that gets a client/employer 20% of the value they want.

2. Are you in the inner circle? There are only two types of consultants/employers: those who are trusted advisers and part of the core team, and those who are not. The first makes things happen; the second watch and wonder what happened. The first is indispensible; the second is disposable. Which are you?

Now you can imagine a 2X2 grid. X-axis: 80% of value or 20% of value. Y-axis: Inner or Outer circle.

I sincerely hope you are in the box that is providing 80% of value and that has you inside the inner circle. If you are, you are making an impact and setting yourself up for a long-term relationship.

If you are not, figure out why, and make a change, fast.


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