Biblatex: first names in text only for some sources - why?

I have a rather complex document using the biblatex style apa. For some sources that I cite first names appear (which I don't want, according to the APA guidelines), such as in:


which yields

(Jennifer M. Windt & Noreika, 2011) 




(Stumbrys, Erlacher, Schädlich, & Schredl, 2012) 

These are the entries in the .bib file:

@article{windttheoryconsciousness, title={How to integrate dreaming into a general theory of consciousness—a critical review of existing positions and suggestions for future research}, author={Jennifer M. Windt and Valdas Noreika}, journal={Consciousness and cognition}, volume={20}, number={4}, pages={1091--1107}, year=2011, publisher={Elsevier} }  @article{stumbrysinductionreview, title={Induction of lucid dreams: A systematic review of evidence}, author={Tadas Stumbrys and Daniel Erlacher and Melanie Sch{\"a}dlich and Michael Schredl}, journal={Consciousness and Cognition}, volume={21}, number={3}, pages={1456--1475}, year=2012, publisher={Elsevier} } 

I tried a minimal example, but I could not reproduce the problem (which was that first names sometimes appear and sometimes not). Therefore I can phrase my question only vaguely: What could be the difference between these sources? I noticed that sometimes the year tag was in curly brackets, but I removed them and recompiled -- still the same result in the complex document. Also, for some sources in the bib file I noticed that authors were separated by commas instead of and. Changed that and recompiled -- still the same. Both of these sources appeared for the first time in the document.

I'd appreciate any guide in solving this problem.


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