BibLaTeX works on Overleaf but not on my Computer

I am trying to get a simple example with a bibliography to run, but on my computer it just shows the reference name in brackets. When I compile the file on overleaf, it works just fine. Here is my texfile:

\documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{biblatex}  \bibliography{refs}  \begin{document}  Hello\cite{KandR} \printbibliography  \end{document}  

And my bibfile (named refs.bib):

@BOOK {KandR, AUTHOR  = "Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M.", TITLE   = "{The C Programming Language Second Edition}", PUBLISHER = "Prentice-Hall, Inc.", YEAR = 1988  } 

I use MikTeX and the biblatex package is downloaded. Is there any other installation missing? Do I need the biberfile somewhere?


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