BIND DNS--Zone configuration for multihomed host with interfaces of same hostname

My OS is Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. The version of BIND is 9.9.5-3ubuntu0.8-Ubuntu.

I request assistance with respect to configuring a DNS server for a purely internal network. The server is multihomed with two interfaces, each subnet on a distinct domain. To illustrate, let's say that the TLD for the network is ".mynet" and that my two domains are "one" and "two."

For purposes of having a distinct answer, let's assign

  • to the interface servicing one.mynet, and
  • to the interface servicing two.mynet

Furthermore, I have need for the nameserver of both one.mynet and two.mynet to have the same hostname. Let's assign the name "ns" for my nameservers, so that I would have and ns.two.mynet.

To complicate matters--and give rise to this request, I have need for the nameserver to cooperate with an existing iptables rule set. These firewall rules refer to the nameservers through the DNS and with a unique name. However, the unique name used contains the label delimiter. Instead of distinguishing with CNAME such as by having ns-one and ns-two, the iptables rules refer to the source/destination as and ns.two. (I have made the assumption that iptables simply receives the name from the DNS server and does not add the "." delimiter itself. If I am in err in this assumption, I appreciate correction in this regard.)

How can I setup my zones for my server to accommodate these conditions? I realize that I could accomplish this by making both "one" and "two" TLDs, but for other configuration reasons, this would be an undesirable solution. I also understand that best practices would perhaps recommend not using the same hostname for the interfaces, but my existing setup requires this configuration. Therefore, while I appreciate insights into best practices and alternative solutions non-conformant to the details of this question, I request that these suggestions be kept to a minimum.

Additionally, I am running my DNS server in an environment in which altering /etc/hosts to resolve the problem is an undesirable option. In /etc/host.conf, I have placed "bind" prior to "hosts." However, if there is a solution to my question which relies on changes of this nature, I would greatly appreciate guidance and details in that respect.


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