Bricked Laptop motherboard beeps when AC unplugged

My laptop does not turn on.
The BIOS does not post or beep —the BIOS does not beep when the HDD, RAM, heatsink or CPU are missing. The chip is Phoenix, so is talkative. Which means the motherboard is shot.
The fan starts —it stops after a few seconds with the board bare, but continues when assembled —I think its just a heating thing. Which means power is okay. Actually the HDD is spinning but not read. It is not a screen thing, because powering and plugging it to a screen (with HDMI though) does nothing —consistent with the fact the HDD is clearly not being accessed. Even pressing up or down as if the GRUB bootscreen were there does nothing.
The LEDs go on when turned on either battery powered or AC... the machine beeps when, powered on, the AC is unplugged, so the beeper works.
It's a Acer 5738Z (with 2 4 GB RAM), so an ancient machine that I was using in the interim until the 2016 13" MacBook Pro eventually comes out. I would gut and shelf it, but I don't understand why the beeper works and the fan spins, yet no beeps are heard.
Is it possible that a motherboard can go faulty without even a wee beep?


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