Browser geolocation API verification order

What is the order of methods used to detect the location of a visitor that Geolocation Browser API uses?

On the W3C Geolocation info site it says that it uses a combination of IP, Wi-Fi, Cell-Phone and GPS, but it doesnt say the order that it uses to do this.

From my understanding, it uses GPS (if available) and then one of the other 3 methods, but it is not clear which comes next.

I need this in a project where I have to determine the user location without using his IP.


The API doesn't get a user's location; it requests it from the browser (which, I believe, gets it from the OS - but correct me if I'm wrong). The exact method depends on the hardware available, and the raw data is not accessible through the API. From this Google Developers page:

The API is device-agnostic; it doesn't care how the browser determines location, so long as clients can request and receive location data in a standard way. The underlying mechanism might be via GPS, wifi, or simply asking the user to enter their location manually.

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