Browser Wars, Reloaded

Via Simon’s blogmarks, Smoke, Mirrors and Silence: The Browser Wars Reignite; a brave article by Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla.

Nigel talks about the importance of standards to keep the Internet open as level playing field for all, drawing interesting parallels between where we are now and the impact of SQL standards on RDBMS vendors in the early eighties.

The article gets pretty heated towards the end;

The web is used to provide a variety of services and communities. Part of the Longhorn strategy is to extract from the web all of the services with any profit model at all: web magazines, auction sites, news, online retailers, and so on. When Microsoft tempts these organizations and communities to Longhorn, the web suffers the death of a thousand cuts. Over here will be the standards-based web, with a gradually shrinking set of web sites. Over there will be the future Longhorn-based proprietary global infrastructure


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