Building a query URL in Scala

I'm working on a webapp in ScalaJS and want to create a query url for requesting some JSON.

Right now I'm using a method called urlBuilder to take the query options from an Options case class and return a String that represents a usable query URL. The urlBuilder method, despite my best efforts, has become somewhat ugly.

Am I missing out on any syntactic sugar or language features that could make this a little easier to understand/cleaner looking? Is pattern matching + string interpolation the best strategy here?

case class GameRegions(americas: Boolean, europe: Boolean, asia: Boolean)  case class Options(startRank: Option[Int], endRank: Option[Int], startDate: Option[Date], endDate: Option[Date], startTime: Option[Date], endTime: Option[Date], regions: GameRegions, gameMode: Boolean)  //Builds the URL based on the provided options object def urlBuilder(baseUrl: String, o: Options): String = {   baseUrl + "?" + (o.startRank match {     case Some(x) => s"rank[0]=$x&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.endRank match {     case Some(x) => s"rank[1]=$x&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.startDate match {     case Some(x) => s"added[0][email protected]${x.getTime / 1000}&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.endDate match {     case Some(x) => s"added[1][email protected]${x.getTime / 1000}&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.startTime match {     case Some(x) => s"time[0][email protected]${x.getTime / 1000}&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.endTime match {     case Some(x) => s"time[1][email protected]${x.getTime / 1000}&"     case None => ""   }) + (o.regions match {     case GameRegions(false, false, false) => ""     case GameRegions(x, y, z) => {       var i: Int = -1       if (x) {         i = i + 1         s"region[$i]=Americas&"       } else {         ""       } + (if (y) {         i = i + 1         s"region[$i]=Europe&"       } else {         ""       }) + (if (z) {         i = i + 1         s"region[$i]=Asia&"       } else {         ""       }) + "&"     }   }) + s"format[0]=${if (o.gameMode) "Standard" else "Wild"}" } 


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